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ethical lens Ethical lens inventory reflective statement seth kilgore gen/200 foundations for general education and educational success october 9, 2012 mrs latashia bates the ethical lens that describes me is the relationship lens, due to my.

My ethical lens as identified in the ethical lens inventory (eli), my preferred lens is the results ethical lens individuals with a results ethical lens “listen to their intuition (sensibility) to determine the greatest good for each individual (autonomy)” (ethicsgame, 2015. The method of ethical decision making which was developed by dr cathryn a baird presented two components contained in all ethical decisions which are the four ethical lenses and the 4+1 decision process. A guide to understanding your own ethical type and learning more about the four primary ethical perspectives. Ethical lens inventory paper samantha garza eth/316 august 27, 2013 steven edington ethical lens inventory paper while doing the ethics game and answering the questions as it relates to my own values, i thought it was very interesting. Start studying overview of the four ethical lenses learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

A key responsibility of the nurse leader is to ensure that the highest ethical standards are maintained and discussed during the decision-making process why should ethics be a front-of-mind consideration when dealing with conflict, a hostile work environment, or even physical violence in the. The first, the ethical lens inventory (eli), is an online self-evaluation exercise that helps users identify their personal values and understand how those values affect the decisions they make the second is a set of interactive simulations that ask students to analyze and make decisions in a variety of ethical situations. Ethical lens in reviewing my ethical lens inventory i have many faults and many advantages when it comes to the way i learn my personal preferred lens is rights and responsibility, which means i use rationality to determine my duties as well as the rules that each person should follow.

The ethical lens inventory™ seminar is a four-hour hands-on workshop during which participants engage in a series of interactive exercises that help them clarify their values and understand how their values influence their choices. Ethical lens inventory ethical lens inventory introduction the purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant information relating to the analysis of ethical lens inventory ethical lens is a phenomenon through which we can evaluate our personal actions, values, beliefs and judgments that can be. The ethical lens inventory (eli) embracing ethical plurality the eli is an instrument that helps students identify their core ethical commitments the instrument was designed by catharyn baird and jeannine niacaris after baird developed a meta-ethical approach to ethics education in 1986, as baird was tasked with teaching law and ethics in. A general “ethical case study/vignette” facilitator guide an ethical case study/vignette, a story that presents a group of participants with a problem, which ethical/perception lenses did the individual employ 3 which was the most moral/virtuous or right thing to do.

Ethical lens section 1: the ‘preferred lens” that my personality characteristics indicated was the results lens as defined by the ethical lens inventory (eli) the results lens is indicative of listening to your own intuition (sensibility) in an effort to find the greatest good for each individual (autonomy. Ethical lens inventory there are four ethical perspectives rights and responsibilities lens, relationship lens, results lens, and reputation lens there are also four core values rationality, equality, sensibility, and autonomy each lens incorporates certain reasoning skills i am a combination of all four ethical perspectives. When you see the world through an ethical lens things become clearer, richer, more nuanced your ability to dissect ethical problems becomes better the nice thing about ethics is the foundations are pretty simple.

Ethical lens university of phoenix material ethical actions worksheet write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions: was there anything in either the university of phoenix student code of conduct or the student code of academic integrity that surprised you. Ethical lens inventory is used as way to identify what values are more important to you as an individual and what their challenges and strengths are the inventory allows you to see ethical issues clearly and learn how to resolve them better. The result of my ethical lens inventory plots me in the reputation quadrant the part of the definition of the reputation perspective that resonates with me most is “you believe the best results are achieved by examining each situation in its own context rather than applying one-size-fits-all solutions. The latest tweets from ellen's ethical lens (@epflcswccm) empowering health & human service professionals #professionalresilience #stopbullying #mustdobetter #wholisticcm #socialdeterminants #cmrocks.

Using the lens of harm/care and fairness/reciprocity focuses one’s questioning on the two core ethical requirements this is something, anyone can do, at any time, in any culture to derive ethical truth. Ethical lens inventory results for desiree your preferred lens is: rights and responsibility lens you use your reasoning skills (rationality) to determine your duties as well as the universal rules that each person should follow (autonomy. Having purpose: ethical decision making, leadership & community your preferred ethical lens is just a starting place the goal of ethical exploration is to appropriately use all four lenses when analyzing and addressing situations & relationships. The reputation lens is used by individuals who value equality and sensibility when making ethical decisions, while persons who utilize the results lens value sensibility and autonomy finally, the rights and responsibilities lens characterizes those who value autonomy and equality in making ethical decisions.

Ethical business decisions: the lens jared d harris , bidhan l parmar and andrew c wicks 14 jul 2015 business ethics since ethics is an integral part of management, it is vital for managers to become comfortable with the language of ethics, and to understand how it is inextricable from the language of business. Definition of an ethical act: 1 fulfills the rights and responsibilities of the ethical actor 2 is done with care and concern for the other individual concerns. Dlc 2014 study play three levels of uniqueness in mental programming personality (specific to individuals / ingested and learned) ethical lenses rules outcomes virtues 3c's army professional competence character commitment tuckman's stages of group development forming storming norming performing. Ethical lens and dilemmas ethical leadership c206 april 4th, 2015 ethical lens and dilemmas ethics is the guiding force in any respectable organization with a moral compass, especially in the leadership of organization, a company can become compromised and fall into a quagmire of legal issues, a tarnished reputation, and devaluation of company.

Ethical lens inventory results odessa whitehouse us/101 march 15, 2013 kendra justice my ethical lens inventory tells me that my preferred lenses are the results and reputation lenses because i tend to listen to my intuition to determine the greatest good for each individual and which character traits and virtues will best serve my community. Ethical lens inventory the ethical lens inventory exercise is very useful and something that i have lost sight of over the years i was first introduced to this concept when i first applied for a sales position over a decade ago. The ethical lens inventory™ (eli) is a personal evaluation tool designed to help students understand the values that influence their choices it identifies how they prioritize values when making ethical decisions.

ethical lens Ethical lens inventory reflective statement seth kilgore gen/200 foundations for general education and educational success october 9, 2012 mrs latashia bates the ethical lens that describes me is the relationship lens, due to my. ethical lens Ethical lens inventory reflective statement seth kilgore gen/200 foundations for general education and educational success october 9, 2012 mrs latashia bates the ethical lens that describes me is the relationship lens, due to my.
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